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What would happen if I knit a half-mile blue rope to connect my neighborhood bench to Bellingham Bay?  That simple question sparked my three year quest, enchanted a neighborhood, and grew into the book, Skein.

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View photos of the three year project here

Book Summary: Artist Christen Mattix knits a halfmile line from an abandoned bench to Bellingham Bay, opening up a world of interaction with her quirky Fairhaven neighbors.  Told with honesty and humor, Skein is a poetic glimpse into Christen’s psyche and a sparkling account of a real neighborhood.

Author: Christen Mattix
ISBN: 978-0-6929-0150-2
Release Date: November 17, 2017
Price: $16
Cover Design: Christen Mattix & Judy Ko

Christen Mattix Author Events

Social Fabric, January 16, 6 pm, 1302 Commercial St, Bellingham, WA 98225

About the Author: Christen Mattix is a community-based artist and writer living in Bellingham, WA.  Her visual art has been exhibited at the Whatcom Museum, SAM Gallery, and Smith Vallee Gallery.  Her writing was included in Clover: A Literary Rag, Shoreline City Art Zine, and Psalter & Lyre.  Skein is Christen’s first book.

Author Photo under tree

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