For Longing

On May 1, 2012, I began sitting at an abandoned bus stop in Fairhaven WA, knitting a line down the hill towards the bay located nearly half a mile below me.  I am making a journey without taking a step.  A shift in perception made possible by slowing down, one stitch at a time, in sun and rain.  An urban line drawing that calls attention to each crack in the sidewalk.  Followed up the hill by the unknowing jogger, surprise!  A modern fairy tale for all:  “Once upon a time, someone sat here and knit a line to the ocean…”  I set up the structure of the piece, and now the art is happening–the improvisational, beautiful, and real events that could never be planned.  Originally, I thought the piece would be a solitary journey, art-as-meditation, an embodiment of the desire to tether myself to the Infinite.  However, I am experiencing an abundance of interaction that is transforming me and my neighborhood.  Almost every day, people ask me what I am making, and when I tell them, they laugh at the sheer joy and absurdity of it.  I often make eye contact with people as they drive by, exchanging smiles, breaking down the wall between driver and pedestrian, car and flesh.  Unguarded presence as gift.  Knitting as practice, tying and untying knots.  Knots created—community woven together.   Knots untied, control and fear dissolved.  Art and artist as part of the community.  Art as extension of the body.  Warm, touchable art.  Body as extension of earth, water and sky.  Rivulet to the ocean…


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