What We Are Giv…

What We Are Given: A Suite


Light catches, caught in strands,
On thin distances, moves the background
Into focus, makes water become a desire
Made simple as if prayer had taken on a solidity
Unknown until now. Time would stop
If it could be let go by the language
Filled with answers longing to be asked
To dance again and again and again.

A supple want waits to come near,
Its laughter echoes what the horizon
Might say. Sighs turn on a lathe of scents
That seems to lift the landscape up
On a wave cresting on the edge of space
Turning in on itself and rolls into surf
Made speechless by the sound of its own

There is no way to pass between light
And its illumination or hold a ball
Of water though it can be thought.
In the end isn’t it simply the shadow
We cannot see, but only feel,
In the air around us the sky makes?

-excerpt from poem by Cristian Mihai.  Check out his blog http://cristianmihai.net/:


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