July 1

Today was my first day knitting again since winter hit the hill last November.  It was one of those rare, hot summer days in Bellingham.  As I unwound the line down the hill, the sound of neighbors chatting over dinner wafted out through the screen windows.  To my great delight, a couple came out and gave me warm, sweaty hugs!  I continued winding the line down the hill…it appears the line has shrunk since my last knit.  It only reached the drive way of the school this time.  It’s discouraging to lose ground already before I even begin again!  The water was shimmering like wrinkled tinfoil in the heat, even though I sat down to knit at around 7:30 pm.  I see people I’ve never seen before.  A bespectacled man walking his spotted dog.  A young girl with satin black hair who wishes me good luck.  Dropped a stitch.  As I fumbled about trying to pick it back up, more neighbors appeared.  The unspeakable joy of picking up where we left off.  Offers of a future get-together, perhaps a meal, and peace be with you.  Also, the use of a bathroom as needed…a logistical issue I had not taken into consideration until today…I’m now living a good 20 minute walk away at the base of the hill.  A cooling breeze dries my sweat.  Hurrah to be knitting again!

P.S. New things pop up all the time around here…the latest is a tiny “library” of sorts on 14th St–take a book and leave one for someone else…I’ll post a picture of it.Image


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