July 6

Huge white ship in the bay today, close to the shore.  I knit from 8 – 9 am, and the morning light cast some wonderful shadows.  I couldn’t stop taking photos.  Delighted to see E. and J. and their dog this morning.  After much contemplation, E. decided to put my drawing of a girl knitting in his meditation shed.  I am honored!  A very sweaty jogger came up and talked to me…she said twice, “It’s an act of devotion.”  W. and J. came by with their schnauzers, and a we had a nice visit.  I took the dogs’ picture and W. and J. thanked me!  Love me, love my dog!  (Note: This dog breed originated in Germany in the 15th century.  The term schnauzer comes from the German word for “mustache”, because of the dog’s distinctive facial hair.)  M. drove by in his white truck and paused to chat.  The line got tangled, and a young mom with her son and daughter were excited to help untangle it.  They are a military family, going to Korea soon.  (I met their step dad the other day)  The girl was wearing a ruffled skirt and hello kitty shirt.  She had straight brown hair and brown eyes.  We really took to each other.


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