Rear View Mirror

July 7 rear view mirrorToday I knit from 8 – 9 pm.  I was feeling sapped having spent too much time this afternoon in the hot sun.  However, I felt refreshed as soon as I encountered a neighbor and her silky dog.  Evidently, Taylor Ave (where I knit) is a legendary sledding hill.  It’s extremely steep and scary in a car but exhilarating on a sled or tobbogan!  One day, my neighbor was out walking in the snow, and suddenly 3 men zoomed down on a sled.  They stopped sheepishly at 15th St. and explained that they were out looking for their kids.  Mmm hmm.  We talked about the difficulty of becoming conscious–realizing that everything you do and think has an impact, positive or negative on others.  And true honesty, how rare that is!  Not saying what you are thinking can be an act of dishonesty and cowardice too.  And we discussed mindfulness and integrity expressing itself in a small act like cooking a meal or sewing a quilt.  Any thing done with loving attention has the power to heal.

Soon others joined us at the bench.  The evening passed quickly, and I hadn’t taken any photographs because I didn’t want to detract from the wonderful conversation.  Close to 9 o’clock my neighbors left.  J, the silent man, walked by without saying hello.  I said “hi, J.” because he had stopped to adjust his sock just past the bench.  He said hi without looking up and continued on his way.  (I wonder if we’ll ever talk again?)  As I wound the line back up the hill, my eye was caught by the sunset in the back of a car, an unplanned movie screen.

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