Uninvited Collaborations

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Today I knit from 8 – 9 am.  A tiny spider landed on my arm.  Then before I could grab my camera, a puff of wind blew it away.  I have been thinking about spiders lately because my new roommate has arachnophobia.  Unfortunately, she lives in the basement!  Throughout this knitting project, I have enjoyed to imagining that I’m a little spider throwing out my line…One of my favorite works of art was the Uninvited Collaborations series by Nina Katchadourian.  She tried to help a spider by mending its torn web, and helping it with marketing.  Her attempts were thoroughly rejected by the spider, who tossed the bits of string on the ground.

My friend G came by and we talked for a while.  He teaches art up at the university.  He said in the end, teaching is about being a servant.  He wears himself out taking college kids on field trips to Seattle and Vancouver but finds it really fulfilling at the same time.  The emptying out of self as a path to self-fulfillment.  He asked me where my red cowboy hat went, and I said that my mom’s dog ate it.  He said that would make a good country western song!  I ran into J. as I wound the line back up the hill, and she told me about an installation she made in which she tacked a black plastic line down to the ground, tracing her journey all over campus and into her classroom.  People were following the line trying to figure out where it went.  I love this idea of drawing the invisible paths that we make.  It planted a seed in my mind of using this knit blue line to create large-scale drawings interacting with other places in the future.

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