Today my eye was caught by a quilt left out in someone’s yard. I knit from 8:45 – 9:45. I had a wonderful conversation with a woman who teaches learning strategies. She talked to me about time management, and how it can be distilled down to one word: purpose. She said that it’s like being a farmer–if you keep your eyes focused on the end of the row, you will make a straight line with your tractor. (She grew up in the Midwest.) She said that’s what I am doing with my knitting, the ocean as my vision. She said she’s a person of faith, and believes we’re each given a unique purpose like a coal burning inside us. One daily action aligned with that purpose, even if it’s just 10 minutes, will tend the fire and make it grow. (Be who you are meant to be, and you will set the world on fire.)
I’m still figuring out the purpose of this blog. I want to share the process of making the line. At the end of the project, I’m going to have a huge ball of knitting, and that won’t be the art. The art is the daily practice, and all the experiences, thoughts, and people that come my way. The challenge is how to document this project. I find that people clam up the moment I break out my camera. And I don’t want to put up pictures of the sidewalk every day! So I’m going to post pictures of work by other artists who I find inspiring and relevant to this project, and I’ll occasionally put up a photo of the knitting. Okay?

E. came out and told me to remember to close the gate after me. (I’ve started storing the knitting ball in his basement.) He told me about a fancy term for body awareness, and asked me if I could tell the difference between the feeling in my right and left calf. He said he’s intimately aware of every part of his body at any given time. I said that would drive me nuts. He said like any strength, it’s a blessing and a curse.

A group of guys drove up in a black car and asked if they could take a picture of me knitting. They said they were from Utah and don’t see this sort of thing very often…

If you read all of this, you deserve a gold star. Happy Friday!


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