dandelions and vetch

“Morning Glory Dream” from christenmattix.etsy.com

Human transformative activity depends upon a transformed imagination.  Numbness does not hurt like torture, but in a quite parallel way, numbness robs us of our capability for humanity.  -Walter Brueggemann “The Prophetic Imagination”

July 23 dandelions

Every day, I enjoy the explosion of yellow vetch and dandelions as I unwind the line past Lowell Elementary School.

What if Community is a weed?  What if it’s a germ or a rash that won’t stop spreading?  What if it sprang up suddenly, and people left their cars and locked homes to stand together on the grass laughing and sharing stories, singing, dancing and playing musical instruments?  What if children jumped rope on the sidewalk, climbed trees and rode their bikes to their friends’ house?  What if the beauty of what I experienced at the block party were an everyday reality?  Why not?

“They can only see the conflict in terms of fantasy versus reality.  Carlos, on the other hand, rightly grasps that the contest is not between imagination and the real, but between two types of imagination…”  (Lawrence Thornton, Imagining Argentina)

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