eat microwave pancakes

july 27 visitors to the bench

walking the alligator

“Walking the Alligator” by Christen Mattix, 2013


Knit and laid out the line from about 8:00 to 9:15 tonight.  I spent the first half hour untwisting the line.  It’s gotten so wound up again, making it appear much shorter than it really is…When I came up the hill, I saw two teenage boys playing an electronic game.  One boy had a wonderful afro.  I invited them to sit with me while I knit, but they got up and walked away.  The silent man talked to me again!  (The 3rd time in four months!  The second time this week.)  He told me that he’s taken part in various protests, once wearing a cardboard box “television” on his head.  Another time, holding a sign that said “eat microwave pancakes.”  It was hard for me to figure that one out.  He walks 10 miles every day, his way of living post-stroke.

Sound of C. and her guests laughing on the back deck.  Flourescent pink sunset.

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