knitting in the dark…

Night Flowers

J's lacy curtains

Today I got really engrossed in painting watercolors and setting up my etsy shop…Suddenly it was almost 7:30 pm and I hadn’t completed my daily knit.  I was almost at the bench when I heard my neighbor S. calling my name and hurrying up the sidewalk toward me.July 29 Lowell School in the dark She asked me if I would cat-sit for her and M. this weekend.  I said yes, and was invited into their home for a glass of wine and chocolate.  I couldn’t resist, and so I didn’t begin the knitting until 8:30!  Fortunately, my neighbor S. appeared walking down from the university where she checks her email.  She offered to unwind the huge ball of knitting down the hill as is my daily ritual…I have never let anyone do this for me before (not that anyone has ever offered!)  It felt quite luxurious not to have to unwind the ball–which feels like 40 pounds but is probably 8– down the hill and then walk back up the steep hill again.  I was in a rare, generous mood towards myself–the wine and chocolate and kind neighbors probably helped significantly.  Normally, I would have been berating myself for procrastinating and having another late night.  Tonight, I just embraced the experience and had a blast taking night photos during the knit, and on my walk home.  Here are my three favorite shots.

Knit from 8:30 – 9:30 pm.


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