A Line Made By Walking


My knitting project has gotten me thinking about the power of maintaining a daily practice, no matter what.  Over time, I’ve realized that the practice is more important than the successes and failures along the way, in fact the practice creates the way.  I’m thinking of Richard Long’s piece, “A Line Made By Walking,”  who “draws” a line by walking over the same terrain over and over.  A single day’s work might not matter, but the accumulation of day’s of patient work is bound to have an impact:Picture_8_1

So, I wonder, dear readers, what are your daily actions?  What keeps you tethered to the earth, pointed towards True North, the ocean or whatever your metaphor is for WHAT TRULY MATTERS?  When I get up in the morning, I immediately jump out of bed and write 3 pages of uninterrupted, unedited, often terrible writing.  It clears my head for the day, and helps me to feel connected to myself and my Higher Power…This practice came straight out of The Artist Way by Julia Cameron, a book that has given me many breakthroughs, both personal and artistic.  If I don’t have any appointments, I like to knit in the morning for one hour, then write this blog.  Today I knit from 8:10 – 9:10.  Foggy, cool knit.  My other daily practice is painting with watercolors.  “Write every day, without hope and without despair,” Isak Dinesin counsels, and I hope to take that to heart.




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