Aug 2 Umbrella Aug 2 slugRain!  I wasn’t fully awake when I stumbled out the door this morning to go knit so I was wearing yoga pants, a couple t-shirts and a light blazer.  I had to steel myself to sit down on the wet bench.  I could feel the two wet bands of the bench imprinted across my pant’s bum.  A cute chimney repairman in a red truck told me he liked the way I wasn’t wearing a rain hat, and was soaking the rain in like a plant.  Honestly, I don’t enjoy knitting in the rain very much.  Mostly because I don’t have proper raingear, and the knit line gets super heavy and dirty, absorbing all the water and debris on the sidewalk.  As I started walking down the hill to roll up the line at the end of the knit, a group of 3 ladies in raincoats started following me.  They said, “We’re stalking you.” They were smiling…the ring leader was Claudia, an Asian American woman that I’d met last year at the bench and hadn’t seen since.  They asked me about my progress and wished me luck.  As I was putting the knit ball away in the basement, my neighbor E. invited me to help him out with a mysterious project.  He had two clamps, and an umbrella.  “It’s better than getting rain on your head,” he said, as he clamped the umbrella to the bench…He asked me to sit down again, and test it out.  Hurrah!  8:20 – 9:20 am.


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