so brave, young and handsome

mini library

Aug 4 so brave, young and handsome

Today I noticed a new Little Free Library has cropped up in this neighborhood!  The accidental pairing of “Really Bad Girls of the Bible” and “So Brave, Young and Handsome” made me happy.  How’s that for a codependent relationship?!  I knit from 6:30 to 8 pm today after feeding and poop-scooping the neighbors’ cats.  I stayed at the bench extra long b/c my beloved neighbor G. came and sat with me and talked.  Several things G. said stood out to me.  One is that I might consider starting to love and care for my body, not just my mind and spirit.  The second is that prayer is not talking, prayer could just as easily be an hour of yoga practice.  Think about listening and receptivity as prayer, instead of whining to God all the time.  (I know this but am always in need of a reminder).  And finally, I just adored her gusto for books!  She said she was nibbling slowly at a book the way one savors a flourless chocolate cake.  I also met another woman as I wound the yarn ball up the hill.  Wiry and tan, crow’s feet around her eyes, lots of silver jewelry, and bright, warm, brown eyes.  She was at a party recently, and her friends all wanted to know WHY i was knitting a line to the ocean, so she had followed the line down to talk to me.  This time, I didn’t evade the question.  (I have been catty lately–making tautological statements like I’m knitting a line to the ocean to knit a line to the ocean.  I know, really annoying.)  I told her how hard it is for me as an artist to explain my work but that I had made a decision to be open about it as of yesterday.  Feeling like a hermit crab that had left its shell, I told her the piece was called “For Longing” and it’s about my yearning for God.  She didn’t bat an eye, and expressed gratitude that she had come to talk to me on a day when I was willing to share about it.  (Here I had been so afraid of offending people, or worse yet, being labeled a religious wacko!)  She said she was a Buddhist, and was trying to practice every day, all the time.  I really liked her and hope to see her again.  I think I’m realizing that I don’t have to manage people’s opinions about me, I just have to be myself.  It feels pretty damn awesome!  


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