blue spaghetti

I climbed an 80 foot observation tower yesterday in order to drop the line like Rapunzel over the edge of the railing. When I knit, I keep turning my needles at the end of each row and this creates a spiral effect that twists the line up like a tangled telephone cord! (It’s exciting to think how much longer the line will look today.) I had so much fun interacting with hikers who found me at the top of the tower! A dad came up with his two kids, and he herded them carefully into the opposite side of the tower to avoid the crazy lady with the rope spilling all over the floor like blue spaghetti…The kids were fascinated with the project. While Dad was carefully pointing out the wonders of the Cascade Mountain range, the kids were stealing glances at the yarn spinning like a top down near the pavement below. A shirtless jogger named Craig told me that rock climbers have the same problem with their lines getting twisted…He asked me about my project, and said in response, “small drops of water can fill a very large vessel.” A couple on vacation from New York City chatted with me for a long time. We talked about cities like NYC that feel truly alive, like an organism, and how perhaps because city life is so extreme, neighbors watch out for each other. The woman recommended “Just Kids” a book about artists Patti Smith and Robert Mapplethorpe living in NYC in the 80’s. I wish I had gotten her name–she’s a singer-songwriter originally from Austin, Texas. As I was waiting for the line to unwind, I happened to glance down at the rail to read some faded graffitti that said, “I can’t justify buying more yarn.” It practically gave me goosebumps! It’s this kind of recurring serendipidity that makes me sure that I’m on the right track…


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