blue looming

August 8 Ocean View

Today I knit from 7:30 – 8:30 am.  Since untwisting the line, it has stretched all the way across the 14th St intersection, and is rapidly heading toward 13th.  The ocean looks so much closer now, like a blue planet looming.  As I was winding the line back up the hill, some women came up and asked me, “Now, is it a sweater or a scarf?”  I was so taken aback, all I could say was “Really?!”  Thankfully, they were smiling and laughing, so I joined in!  I was grateful for a quiet knit today, a buffer for a busy day ahead of me.  (I’m duck-sitting tonight.  A new line to add to my resume!)  Here are some shots from the unwinding yesterday, as well as a view of the sky over Fairhaven…I can’t get enough BLUE in my eye sockets.

Graffiti found in the tower yesterday…


“Wisps” August 7


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