an urban drawing

An Urban Drawing

An Urban Drawing

I let the ball of line roll down the hill as it pleased, and it made this delightful swagger!  It’s got attitude!  I am wondering what to do, in the near future, when the ball of knit line gets too heavy for me to carry.  I have a wheelbarrow but the thought of winding a ball and pushing a wheelbarrow up the hill at the same time sounds awkward.  I think I need one of those giant wooden spools that fishermen use to wind up their bobbles.  (I made up that word for those massive beads on a rope that float in the water!)  I knit from 6:30 – 7:30 pm today.  The challenge of knitting this early in the evening is the glare of the sun off the water.  My red hat pulled down over my eyes definitely works, but it also shuts people out.  A bicyclist stopped, and looking down at the line asked me, “Is this a project to count how many people ride over your knitting?”  I explained I was knitting to the ocean and she said, “Rad!”  A family drove up in a silver van.  The mom-driver told me, “We are watching your progress every day!  How far are you now?”  A dog walker walked by smiling and humming as she swung her plastic bag of doggy-do.  Neighbor C’s belly laughter wafted out her open door.



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