deep breaths of sea air

Ducks in the Sun

Knit in the shade from 9:00 to 10:00 am today.  I love knitting in the morning…taking deep breaths of sea air gets the day off to a great start.  Two sweaty, tanned women panted up the hill, said they had almost grabbed the knit line to help them with the climb.  I met Dean, a sweet guy who remodels homes.  D. and his dog came by.  D. is remodeling a 1930’s “Old Town” canoe.  He’s frustrated with the brittle, old thing, and is tempted to give up.  I’ve said hi to a woman in a wide-brimmed white hat and a black dog several days in a row now but she still hasn’t stopped to visit…Several women in their 30’s said hello.  One was wearing a handmade bead necklace with a pendant shaped like a wide ladder…I hope I can get a picture of it sometime.  People my age seem more guarded than the older crowd…I’m not sure why.  When I went down to roll up the line, I almost got goosebumps at the sight of Taylor Dock below me…the destination is in sight!  Today I brought a paper bag to stuff full of all the wormy, bruised apples that rot on people’s lawns. With some judicious cutting, a drop of lemon juice, a few minutes of cooking, and a drizzle of honey, I will make the most delicious applesauce!  On my walk home, the quacking of ducks.  Looking up, I saw them in a plastic wading pool, preening themselves.


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