august 14 marshall the cat

Knit from 8:15 to 9:15.  Another quiet morning, slightly cloudy and warm.  A woman drove by in her car, then came back to chat.  She told me about a yarn bombing project in Sunnyland, a tree cozy with a heart on it.  You never see the knitter, but she keeps adding to the cozy, a little at a time, she told me.  I like to think that what I’m doing is not yarn bombing but rather a daily ritual, presence performed.  But who knows?  A hybrid approached then slowed to a purrr as the driver drove mindfully over the line.  (Almost everyone drives hybrids in this affluent neighborhood!)  My friends jokingly tell me that the knit line across the road is a psychological speed bump.  All over the neighborhood, I’ve spotted “Marshall’s Lost” cat posters.  I liked this one especially because of the rust marks and the description, “fat, friendly male,” like a dating website gone awry.  A little boy about 3 feet tall was out all by himself riding a red bicycle.  I have never seen an unattended child here before…He told me my ball of knitting was really BIG.  I asked him if he wanted to try holding it, and that it was really heavy.  He took the knit ball in his arms and said “Easy-peasy!”


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