slowing up

"Walking the Inchworm"

“Walking the Inchworm”
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Knit from 8:15 – 9:15.  I met Kevin and his basset hound, George, down between 13th and 14th Street.  Quiet morning, white with misty rain.  I have been enamored with slowness ever since saying yes to this crazy knitting project.  I’ve realized that efficiency and speed are not absolute values–a train trip across America is a much more memorable experience than an airplane flight.  I wrote this poem last summer while going from Seattle to Boston by Amtrak…


A poem is an engine,
a train threading the landscape
through the passengers
whose minds are screens
on which are projected:
1. white dog racing alongside the engine
2. antelope grazing in a field
3. serpentine coils of the Colorado River
…stacks of brittle stone, pine trees
and crumpled cars,
sage brush and tumbleweed,
then corn in infinite rows
converging upon the horizon,
silos erect, brim seed;
you are here—
an infinite number of points
between A and B—
horizontal movement
as if along a prone ladder;
drawn through space,
a weaver’s shuttle on steel,
to make us pass through
or beyond things,
Lord God Bird
stretches out his wings,
winging and singing
over this golden land
as the sun rises
through the exhalations
of my coffee cup.


2 thoughts on “slowing up

  1. Cheryl Ford says:

    I just read this again and really love it. The thread works for me. And I like it best with no paragraph breaks as suggested at the meeting. Good job!

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