river of time and grace

A red fire hydrant with companion crows

Well, this post is late because wordpress thinks I’m on British time!  Anyway, I hope you enjoy it.  I worked this morning so I pushed my knitting session to 7:15 – 8:15 pm.  The magic has returned.  Giant piles of clouds over the ocean, and the sun bursting through in a dramatic lightshow.  Noisy crows, a child hammering on a toy piano, train whistles, a car blasting reggae.  I saw K. again, out smoking on his front porch.  A woman with bouncy hair jumped out of her car and started snapping photos of me with her iphone.  I heard a man’s voice saying, “I’m going to talk to this knitter–I’ll catch up to you in a bit.”  Suddenly, I am face-to-face with a man I haven’t seen or talked to since last year when we met at the knitting bench.  At that time, we were both facing massive upheavals, and choosing new paths.  We were sitting on the edge of the cliff of our lives.  We had talked for over an hour, even after the sun went down, and the acid yellow streetlight came on.  At the end, we made a deal, hugged and parted ways.  Now the river of time and grace has worked its wonders, moved us further downstream, and set us gently down to continue our separate ways.  He was visiting family in Bellingham, and just happened to be out on a stroll with them.   Lots of people out walking tonight.  A family on bicycles sounding their bells.  The smell of wood campfires.  J. the jeweler drove up in her truck and chatted.  Beautiful day.


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