return of the guerrilla knitter

The girl stared and stared

Settling down for the night…

When I came up the hill from unwinding the ball of line, a lady was sitting on the bench knitting while her husband looked on.  It was the same guerrilla knitter that appeared on July 15.  I wonder if this will be a monthly occurrence?!  She made a knot in the yarn–the first knot in the project, and I accepted it.  She was very apologetic for the mess she had made…While we were chatting, a man in a truck drove up to the line, then in a rage, put his truck in reverse and drove the other way.  (This is the first time I’ve seen the knitting project actually cause road rage).  Another male driver came up in a truck.  Smiling, he rolled down his window.  “She is looking for help,” the volunteer knitter said to the poor guy, “Do you know how to knit?”  They left to eat baked sweet potatoes awaiting them in the oven.  Two dads walked up the hill carrying their daughters on their shoulders.  A girl about 9 years old strode down the hill.  Suddenly she stopped and stared for a long time.  Her blond hair flashing, she ran up the hill past me.  Then she came back down.  She had a silver camera hid under her arm, and she took pictures for about half an hour, on the sly, as if I wouldn’t notice!  She paid me the biggest compliment by spending so much time with the project!  I got shivers down my legs imagining that this could be the moment when she vows to be an artist when she grows up.  Who knows?  The sun broke through the dark clouds in four different spots, sending shafts of light down on the ocean like four UFO’s preparing to land.  My neighbors pulled up in C’s jeep and tumbled out.  They had just watched “The Butler” a film about the man who was the butler during four presidencies in the White House.  It’s supposed to be based on a true story, and it’s gotten rave reviews.  I wondered how anyone knew about the butler.  Did he keep a journal?  Did his coworkers write interesting anecdotes about him?  I suppose the different presidents and their families kept in touch with him through the years.  I feel a bit like a butler here on the hill.  I’m part of the landscape, the background of people’s lives…On my way down the hill to roll up the line, I heard the twitter of birds in the privacy hedge.  A whole flock of them were chirping and settling in for the night.  I took a couple of photos which disturbed them and they all flew away.  Greeted Kevin smoking on his porch on my way down.  I love how I’m meeting more people as the line makes its way farther down the hill.  6 pm – 7 pm knit



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