crochet me a river


from Mater Matrix Mother Medium project by Mandy Greer


Mater Matrix Medium and Mother (MMMM)

Very quiet knit this morning, and a bit shorter than usual 9:30 – 10:15 am…I listened to the planes taking off from Bellingham Airport, and felt the misty rain on my arm.  At the end of the knit, I locked eyes with a young buck, his velvet antlers just barely showing.

And now, here’s the mystical work of Mandy Greer, brilliant artist and writer based in Seattle, WA.  I’ve included her description of this project “Mater Matrix Medium and Mother” and a link below.  Have fun exploring this gravity-defying art! 3944991553_a545c91a9e_b

Now an on-going project, Mater Matrix Mother and Medium began in 2009, originally commissioned by the Seattle Office of Arts & Cultural Affairs using the Seattle Public Utilities (our water utility) 1% for Art Funds, as a way to encourage stewardship, to celebrate and interpret the splendor of Seattle’s urban creeks and watersheds.

“This project began with the communal creation of a 200+ foot crocheted ‘fiber river’ installation, created in part through a series of over 30 community crochet events held over three months all over Seattle during the spring of 2009. I taught anyone willing to learn how to crochet, with some contributing a few minutes of chain stitch and others sticking with me for a few hours and returning to multiple events around the city.

I then took the fiber “pools” into the forest of Camp Long, an urban park in Seattle, and spent the next six weeks in-residence on a ladder crocheting and integrating the river into the trees, a brilliant blue flow moving through the forest from ground level up to heights of 25 feet.

This artwork is a unique blend of community engagement and personal inquiry, of site-embedded installation and performance. It embodies the ancient human practice of acknowledging our own physicality rooted in the cycles of water and how this forms the very foundation of human community. Water, both mundane and miraculous, mirrors the everyday meeting of strangers and the tiny moments that begin to bond us together.”

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