knitting in fairhaven

Cloudy skies overhead while I knit on the bench from 9 – 10 am.  I could barely hear my neighbors’ greetings over the roar of the cement truck down the street.  The smell of diesel on an empty stomach gave me a queasy feeling.  However, I was fascinated by the long arm of the truck, like a giant spider leg.  A woman drove up in a yellow VW bug and asked me what I was doing.  Then she drove around the block and came back.  She said that she was early for work so she had decided to park her car and follow the knit line down the hill.  Later I saw her again and she shared that she’d chatted with one of the neighbors about the project.  The neighbor said “Only in Fairhaven.”  She told me she loved Fairhaven neighborhood because people cared about connecting with each other.  She wondered if that was part of the motivation for my knitting practice.  She introduced herself as Terri, and drove away smiling.  Garth, the WWU art professor, came by on his morning walk, and we visited for awhile.  I told him I only have 1 facebook friend, and he said he would like to be my 2nd friend…I deleted my account about a year ago, and have just recently returned, with much ambivalence and feet-dragging!  Some gardeners had gathered in front of St. James Church on the corner of 14th and Taylor to put new shrubs in the ground where the old bushy rhodos had previously stood.  It was RED day today–I was wearing my burgundy coat which matched the mixing truck and the old mop left standing against an electricity pole.100_1660 august 20 cement truck 100_1659

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