night-time knit

august 21 stop sign august 21 line in the darkaugust 21 deer100_1682

I worked at my job all day today, and didn’t make it to the knitting bench until 8:03 pm.  The sunset was seamlessly executed tonight–all the colors blurring into one another like a melting sundae.  It’s one part magical, one part lonely, and one part creepy to knit at night.  I did come face-to-face with a deer who submitted to having his photo taken twice.  Earlier in the evening, I talked to several groups of college students.  One guy was visiting a friend from Georgia.  He said they don’t have hills in Georgia; he was so pooped when he got to the bench that he welcomed the chance to stop and chat awhile.  People asked me “why?” a lot tonight, and I was back to giving poetic and cryptic explanations.  I told them I was knitting a tiny river down to the ocean, the finite merging with the Infinite.  They seemed satisfied by it. One girl was wearing a tangerine sundress with a cloth sunflower tucked behind her ear…the perfect outfit for a summer evening stroll.  The bicyclist with the cowbell pedaled by up the hill smiling.  A child who landed wrong doing a somersault finally stopped crying and fell asleep in the house two doors down.  The lady who always wears black shades and a huge vintage white hat came by.  It was getting dark, but she was still wearing the shades…must be really shy.  She said she bets I have some interesting conversations.  (I hope she will eventually open up to me more, but we’re making progress since she up to recently walked by without talking.)  I used D and C’s bathroom when they came home tonight…that’s one hazard of knitting outdoors!  No easy access to a toilet.  My neighbors M. and S. strolled by with their dog. (I catsat for them recently).  M. always has a fat, stinky cigar in hand.  I love their relationship–both of them are nerds (historian and librarian) and whenever I overhear them, they are having the most wonderful conversations peppered with lots of laughter.  S. offered me her granny shopping cart should the knit ball ever become to heavy to carry up and down the hill.  We talked about how big I think the ball will get.  I have no idea really–maybe 3 feet in diameter?


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