Knitting for Two

Visitor wearing the same shoes as me today!

A house in Fairhaven neighborhood

This hour’s knitting zipped by today because I had a guest, my neighbor-friend J.  She grows the raspberries by the sidewalk for people to munch on.  She followed the blue knit line up the hill to visit me 1:30 – 2:40 pm.  She happened to be wearing the same shoes as me.  It was the first time J. had ever sat on the bench, even though she’s lived in this neighborhood for years.  We had such a refreshing visit, comparing the tea cultures of England and Japan, talking about art and old houses.  We had fun chatting with passersby too.  People still ask me the same questions every day…I told J. I’m trying to keep it fresh.  At least I’m answering questions about an art project, rather than telling customers the way to the restroom.  C. came and chatted with us near the end of the knit, and I left them merrily visiting with one another while I hiked down the hill to roll up my ball of line.  Afterwards, I saw this pink Victorian with matching hollyhocks on my walk down a different street which almost exploded my cuteness barometer.



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