knitting under a rainbow

Aug 25 under the rainbow knitI was knitting along on the bench, when my neighbor B. walked by and told me to look behind me at the rainbow!  A full bow stretched over my head and I didn’t even know it.  Two college women happened to walk by just then carrying a printer box, and I asked one of them to take a picture for me.  My camera is so cheap, and it was dark out, so I decided to play with the weak photo that resulted and up the contrast significantly!  B. came by again later on in the evening.  She’s someone whose face scared me the first time I saw her.  She was drooling, and didn’t seem to have a chin.  Later on, I learned that she had cancer 42 years ago, and had her jaw removed.  She has courageously continued going about in public, and has helped to raise awareness about “Let’s Face It,” a support group for people living with disfigurement from cancer.

I almost cancelled my knit today because I was feeling queasy from eating some questionable leftover lentil spaghetti.  A cup of ginger tea, a hard-boiled egg and 3 pieces of white toast later, I was raring to go again.  7:45 pm to 8:45 pm knit tonight, though part of it was spent untangling my skein of yarn.  Also, I wanted to let you know I have not been keeping up my promise to paint one watercolor a day.  However, I do hope to keep blogging and knitting on a daily basis!



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