shot of love on a rainy day

shot of love on a rainy day

Today my friend M. accompanied me on my knit. The bench was wet from rain, so I ripped a plastic bag open to sit on…M. didn’t fare so well sitting on a paper pamphlet. The highlight of the hour was a visit by this jolly family out on a stroll. The little boy was thrilled to hold my ball of yarn. He said, “Train, train!” His mom interpreted, “He’s excited for your knitting to reach the train tracks.” The light in the children’s eyes reminded me afresh why I knit every day on a bench in all kinds of weather, on days when I want to do anything but this.  M. and I got rained on but we crowned the evening with gelato at Sirena’s. It was so lovely to end the day pouring out my heart to a dear friend over dark cocoa and coconut deliciousness…Thank you, M, if you are reading this!

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