experienced & safe traffic control

Road Work Ahead

Road Work Ahead

Knit from 1:45 – 2:45 today.  A lazy afternoon spent waving at drivers, and noticing how busy my mind is.  My housemate’s dark song still playing in my head, “You’ll never find your way back home.”  Makes me think of Dorothy of Oz.  I have to keep reminding myself that I am home, and I am beloved.  My legs were sweating in corduroy tights because I didn’t want to bare my unshavenness.  The single mother with her adopted Chinese daughter said hi and walked down the hill.  I can’t wait for school to start in a few weeks!  The reactions of children to this project are the best!  S. and her elderly dog Topaz dragging his tired toes on a short walk around the block. Hispanic men with sunworn faces drive gardening trucks by for the servicing of wealthy (white) people’s yards.  C. the stone carver walked up and we chatted briefly.  I asked her how her preparations for her art show are going.  She is having a retrospective at St. James Presbyterian, and hopes to donate all the proceeds to the homeless.  She said that she has been trying to design a brochure, but that she gets so frustrated with her computer that she goes on walks to clear her head.  So she has been going on a lot of walks lately!  At the end of the knitting session, a pretty blond lady-flagger drove up in a construction truck, and put out a sign, “Road Work Ahead.”  Soon I could hear the regular grinding of a mixer up the hill from me.  I have a fondness for construction signs because they are so bright and distasteful.  Where else does one see neon orange in this land of respectable greens, browns and blues?


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