sidewalk knitting

I felt like an inanimate object, a stone, in the hot sun today from 1:35 – 2:35.  A window installer drove by in a huge white truck.  Scratching his head, he asked me, “What ARE you doing?  I thought I saw a blue “extension cord” running down the sidewalk…”  It’s open house at the school this afternoon.  The kids dressed in their new school clothes, looking so bright and clean.  The air was full of their excited chatter about meeting their new teachers.  A mom told me, “We’re glad you’re back, how far are you now?”


2 thoughts on “sidewalk knitting

  1. koop diggety says:

    His question provided you a good alternative answer when you are tired of your usual answers. Now you can say “I am knitting an extension cord to the ocean.” You might have to work out whether you or the ocean was the power source though. Or, the power could flow both ways somehow: waves generating power, knitting generating power.

    • Christen Mattix says:

      Ha ha, good idea, Koop! I wonder how people will respond to that answer? I’ll let you know. Yes, this form of power generation via knitting and waving is definitely a feedback loop, kind of like a hybrid car. Come to think of it, that’s next on my agenda, a car powered by knitting.

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