fairy tale knit

Neighborhood Knitter

I knit from 6:40 – 7:40 pm today.  A lady came up over the hill and said, “Do I dare ask what you’re doing?  Did you come straight out of a fairy tale where a wicked gnome has cast a spell on you?”  Later she came back and asked if she could take a photo for her blog about Bellingham‘s musical scene.  She thought I was a Bellingham icon.  🙂  Then, a man and a little girl came huffing and puffing up the hill on their bicycle built for two…They also stopped and asked if they could take a photo of me!  (Two in one day, not bad.)  The man said, “This is my out-of-breath-daughter Sophia, and I am her out-of-breath-father, Alex.”  They had just moved to the neighborhood from Klamath Falls.  I was happy to welcome them to the neighborhood.  The little girl asked me if I gave art lessons, and I said, without dropping a beat, yes.  She said she has been looking for someone to continue her watercolor and acrylic lessons.  I don’t usually give lessons to children, but she had so much spunk, that I couldn’t resist!


A couple drove up in their car, and the woman called out to me, “You’re a yarn sculptor.”  It was not a question, but a statement of fact.  I didn’t say anything, but sort of bowed in acquiescence.  (Yarn sculptor?  That sounds ridiculous, if you ask me.  How does one sculpt yarn?)  It turns out she is my housemate’s boss, Francy, who makes sculptures of human forms out of chicken wire.  (Very hard on my housemate’s hands, but she doesn’t seem to mind.)  On my walk down to collect up the knit line, I met a group of three young people walking their dog.  They asked me what the blue line was for, and I said it was a traffic divider for the sidewalk, and they believed me, until I started cracking up!


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