a tug on the line

Sept 3 line

I knit from 1:10 – 2:10 today.  My quiet knitting session ended suddenly when the knit line abruptly began to pull me down the hill.  I was being dragged along with it, by a force stronger than myself.  Finally I dropped the knitting needles, and headed down the hill to see what was causing this bizarre tugging.  Worse case scenario’s flashed through my mind–what if the line had gotten snagged on a truck?  But then I saw 3 young males doubled over, running away.  I was irritated to put it mildly.  But also curious to see what they had done!  I even ran back up the hill to get my camera so I could photograph this detour that the line took today:  Sept 3 line cont

They draped the knit line through the trees, over the crosswalk sign, and across the street at a diagonal angle.  I hope they don’t attempt this again because it could be a tripping hazard, and I don’t want anyone preventing me from continuing to knit the line to the ocean.


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