happy go loopy

Close-up of Knit Line with Yellow Leaf and Holly Berries

Today I drove to work, then remembered I wasn’t scheduled until noon!  I had so much time, so I decided to knit all morning.  I knit from 9:30 – 11:15 am, feeling drops of mist on my face.  The cool, overcast morning was perfect for knitting!  No more sunburns.  Deacon Larry and Christine from Sacred Heart Church were out on a walk together.  Deacon Larry told me that when I finish knitting to the ocean, God will show me what to do next.  And Christine quipped, “Or maybe you’ll see a mermaid!”  In other good news, the guys who wrenched on the line yesterday did me a favor.  The line was several feet longer today!  I met a woman named Renee who is a textile and fashion design artist.  Her stitched business card says “social fabric,” and I loved the play on words.  Two of my favorite people came by…I haven’t seen them this year–probably because it’s been summertime.  Grace and Rachel are soccer moms who walk together every day for 2 hours, after dropping their kids off at school…They were the first brave souls to talk to me at the bench on my 9th day of knitting last May 2012.


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