how beautiful when nothing happens

Sept 5 crows 4

Today I heard thunder rolling as I sat down to knit.  I sat on my crunchy yellow raincoat in case the skies dumped rain on me.  A very quiet knitting session ensued, punctuated by cars full of passengers whose smiles lit up their dark interiors.  I love it when nothing happens.  Three crows perched on the electrical wire, then one flew away.

I do not know which to prefer, 
The beauty of inflections 
Or the beauty of innuendoes, 
The blackbird whistling 
Or just after.                             

-Wallace Stevens, Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Blackbird

photo courtesy of Melanie Chalmers

I heard the screeching of the train’s brakes on the rails below.  Sea gulls.  A beautiful blond woman pulled up in her white bug and told me that my project was cute.  She then parked in the young doctor’s driveway.

Relearn the alphabet,
relearn the world, the world
understood anew only in doing, under-
stood only as
looked-up-into out of earth,
the heart an eye looking,
the heart a root
planted in earth.

from Relearning the Alphabet by Denise Levertov

photo courtesy of Melanie Chalmers

courtesy of Melanie Chalmers

Don’t be fooled by these gorgeous, sunny photos, friends.  I did not take them today, nor with my cheap kodachrome camera.  These are the work of Melanie Chambers, a gifted and willing photographer who happened to pass by with her friend last weekend on their adventure from Vancouver to Seattle.

sept 5 lineBut I did take this one this afternoon.  Speak to me in cursive, darling.


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