Peace Builds Strong Bodies 12 Ways

“Dog Days” by Christen Mattix, 2013

When I heard America declared war, I thought: I better call Nancy.
What if the world ended & my sister and I still weren’t speaking?
Bring the thoughts home.

Shop for peace. Peace lite, microwavable peace.
Peace in small cartons with straws to sip,
6 packs of peace.

Charge and send peace on your Visa.
The 3rd World comes in every color.
Peace is so flattering, it looks good in teal, lavender & Kuwait.
Does the world economy come in pink?

Peace is my color.
l look good in clean rivers and stands of pine.
I need fresh air to match.
Don’t you?

Bring the thoughts home.
“They” didn’t declare war. Who were you angry at that day?
If you forgive your father, America won’t need missiles.
Think global. Think positive.
What if they gave peace & everyone came?

It’s exponential. It’s mathematical.
Prayer x the width of the galaxy squared x Shabbos + candles
x the wingbeat of 1000 cranes =
The Gross National Product of Everywhere.

Bring the thoughts home.
My senator complains: You only call when you want something!
What a terrible houseguest!
Today I’ll send lilacs and irises.
I’ll write, Thank you, for every vote that moves us towards life.

Bring the thoughts home.
Drink water. Take walks. Feed finches.
Wear scarves that float your beauty through air. Accessorize your outfits with peace.
It’s wash & wear. It’s the latest.
One size fits all.

When someone wants war, we’ll be too busy.
We’re getting fuchsia manicures, planting zinnias,
writing novels & French kissing.
We can’t do war right now, we have to see the Monets.
We have to study Chinese, learn astronomy,
take up belly dancing.

We’re watching redtails;
we’re at the movies, crying our eyes out.
We’re in bed with each other and good coffee.
We’re playing alto sax and eating spinach salad.
We’re busy sending our compliments to the chef
& lingering over dessert.
We’re eating more chocolate and winning at team sports.

There are children in the Mid-East who sleep to sirens.
Don’t we owe them a lullaby?
There are children in your town whose parents hurt them.
Wouldn’t you tuck them in at night if you could?
And did you praise your children &
your Nana and your lover today?

And what about wind power anyway?
Pain in the energy? Take 2 solars and call me in the morning.
Heat your house with active peace.
I don’t know from oil, but I know what I like.

Peace is high protein.
Peace is slenderizing. It’s low fat and good for the heart.
It’s analgesic. It’s antiseptic.
It’s organic and completely recyclable.
Peace is a renewable resource. It’s a psychic phenomenon.
It’s aerobic.
Just do it.

~ Judyth Hill


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