passage from summer to fall

sept 8 dandelions


Knit 4:50 – 5:50 pm today.  I loved the lawn across from me filled with fluffy dandelion heads…I’m thinking a lot about changes these days with the transition from summer to fall in full swing.  I used to love permanence and security, and my life was so miserable!  It was like an airtight container that didn’t let any sunlight or oxygen in.  Embracing life as an adventure rather than a script (that I direct) has been so liberating.  As someone told me in a dream, “behold, don’t possess.”

sept 8 spiderweb

The spiders have suddenly appeared, spinning webs across garden pathways and gates…I thought I felt a sneaky one crawling on my arm, but it was just one of my hairs stuck to the side of my shirt.  The whirr of birds, flying together like tiny planes in perfect formation.  I knit as the birds chirped and squeaked themselves to sleep in the bushes and trees around me.  A man pulled up in his white station wagon, and said, “Okay, I give in.  What are you doing?”  His name was Dave, and I’ve seen him drive by for months now without ever stopping to talk.  Hurrah!  On my way down the hill to collect the knit line, two college students stopped to chat with me, Cassidy and her boyfriend.  Environmental science and engineering majors.  J. was out in her garden harvesting tomatoes and chard, and she invited me to check out the cabin in their back yard.  She and her husband are willing to rent it to me!  It has no running water, but a cozy wood stove, two wooden deck chairs, and a loft for a bedroom.  Extremely rustic with handwoven floor rugs that J. makes for a living.  (But no toilet!  This is fast becoming an obsession…)  I told her I liked roughing it, but this might be pushing it too far…I’m moving in with my brother and sister-in-law for the time being but it’s great to have a backup plan.  In other news, C. and D. are leaving for Italy tomorrow for a whole month.  I used their bathroom at the start of the knit; I told D. as he fried breaded chicken breasts that I don’t know what I’ll do without the use of their bathroom for a whole month!  C. told me that she and D. had spent some time at Sacred Heart Church yesterday praying for Syria.  Such a lovely lady!  I do so hope her prayers, and all of our yearnings for peace, are answered.



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