knitting will save the world

watercolor, copyright Christen Mattix, 2013.  prints on sale for just $20 each.  yeah!

Today I knit from 8:15 to 10:00 am.  Lots of fathers walking their kids and dogs to school.  I was grateful to knit in the cool morning air.  I said good morning to a little blond boy on his way to school and he looked right through me.  I said it again louder, and he ignored me again!  That’s taking “never talk to strangers” a little too far, don’t you think?  He is a green fruit, waiting to ripen.  G. and P. came by, and P. asked me to substitute teach his two art classes for one day at Western Washington University.  He encouraged me to bring the knit ball to show the students, and share about this project.  Hurrah!  G. told me that his mother had bequeathed to him a giant ball of string compiled from vintage parcel wrappings.  Mom used to exhibit the ball of string on a Victorian pedestal in her home.  Can you imagine?!  Now they have it in their living room, their cat’s favorite place to nap.  G. and P. are going to see the Redwoods for the first time.  I told them no words can express the wonder of standing in the presence of a 2000 year old tree.  As they turned to go, a woman walked up to the bench.  She introduced herself, and told me that she and a group of meditators were following my blog!  I was delighted and surprised.  Her friend, the host of the group, owns a painting I made in 2000 of a self-portrait in red jacket with buttons.  And this friend has been quietly reading and sharing this blog, completely unbeknownst to me.  I was delighted to know a thread of connection still exists, since I thought we had lost all contact.  (We had been coworkers in the cafe at the Frye Art Museum…lovely memories of this strong, clear-eyed woman.)  A feeling of gratitude washed over me for how this knitting project has brought me back into relationship with others.  A web of relationships, virtual and face-to-face, that nourishes and inspires me daily.  I often think about how transcendence of self begins with community.  The whole is so much greater than the sum of its parts.  The ocean has come to symbolize for me not just the Infinite, but this sea of humanity.  I am enlarged by each person that comes my way; the narrow preoccupation with my pride and fears gives way ever so slightly before this great tide of life coming and going.










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