bread and art

september 13 apple

Today I knit for only one hour, from 11:05 – 12:05.  It was overcast and cool, the ocean hidden by white.  I picked up this beefy apple from a neighbor’s lawn, and later savored it’s crunchy tang.  I pondered food today on my knit.  Artist and art offered as bread to nourish the community.  A transubstantiation of sorts.  I do not just hunger for food or sleep, I also hunger for beauty, meaning, and wonderment.  I’m still reading “The Gift” by Lewis Hyde, and he speaks of these things, and the momentum that is generated when we give without expecting anything in return…I LIKE it.  Yes, and it’s a very challenging practice to embrace long-term.  In my experience, everything I need is provided (with some bonuses thrown in), but it doesn’t come from the direction I’m expecting it to appear nor in my time frame!  How to live this radical trust, this self-abandonment in every moment?  Maybe I’m too smart for our own good…the deer on the other hand, don’t worry about the grocery bill or the rent.  Here they are flaunting their long legs en route to the neighbors’ apple tree bonanza.


The molting deer…


Autumn fires

I felt a bit sorry for the parents and kids walking down the hill to Lowell Elementary School for the school picnic today.  The ones that didn’t walk parked their cars and trucks all along my route down the hill.  I have a new idea courtesy of G. and P. yesterday–I want to give a talk on my knitting to the children at Lowell…The Urban Hiker came by…I was happy that he stopped to talk to the rock sculptor too.  It’s as if he’s slowly finding people to trust.  Walking all day without talking to anyone would be very lonely!  I met two gardeners today–a blond woman in a white truck with plant cuttings poking out the back stopped and asked what I was doing, and E’s gardener–Leif–with a German accent and pony tail who tends the front yard.  E. is concerned that I find a large colander to hold the wet knit ball when it starts raining.  He wants to make sure the ball will drain properly while it sits in his basement.  And the rains are coming any day now!





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