laying down the line

Daily Unwinding. Photo by Jubilee Mattix

I just couldn’t help the pun.  Today, my sister Jubilee came along for the knit from 1:55 – 2:55.  She ran alongside me while I unwound the knit line, snapping photos.  We sat down to commence knitting.  The ocean refused to appear, hidden by whiteness again.    A couple of ladies drove up in a car, and asked me, “Are you exercising?”  Jubilee and I got a giggle out of that one.  We also dreamed up some funny answers to the question, “What are you making?”

“I’m making a sweater for a worm”

“I’m knitting an extension cord.”

Add yours here_______________.

Photo by Jubilee Mattix

A woman came up the hill with a heavy hiking pack on.  She told me the other day that she is training for the Compostela de Santiago pilgrimage in Spain.  I was hoping that Jubilee would meet some of the colorful people that I have gotten to know through the knit, but it was a very quiet hour.  I was tired, having gotten about 5 hours of sleep the night before on my overnight caregiver shift, so the silence was rejuvenating…That said, I confess to have spent most of the day ruining the silence with chit chat.  Thomas Merton makes a beautiful case for silence:

Silence helps draw together the scattered and dissipated energies of a fragmented existence.  It helps us to concentrate on a purpose that really corresponds…to the deepr needs of our own being.

In silence we face and admit the gap between the depths of our being, which we consistently ignore, and the surface which is untrue to our own reality.  We recognize the need to be at home with ourselves in order that we may go out to meet others, not just with a mask of affability, but with real commitment and authentic love.


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