synchronized umbrella drill team

september 19 synchronized umbrella teamToday, while unwinding the knit line, I crossed paths with G, and R.–who was wearing this shirt, so I had to ask her about it.  For those of you “Singing in the Rain” types, this is the event for you.  Every spring since 2009, a group of mostly middle-aged women, meet on Saturday to do umbrella drills for the Ski to Sea parade.  It is so whimsical–I will take this any day over a drill with guns.

Today I got an email from H, a warmhearted man who stopped and chatted with me yesterday while I knit at my street bench:

“Well, it certainly made my day – meeting you today.
I have to laugh when I think of the image of you sitting there knitting into infinity.

It was like I crossed over to Wonderland.
Knit on but don’t knit pick but do pick good friends and may they be receptacles for endlessly figuring ways to avoid the monotony…”

His son is a Bellingham-raised writer for “Once Upon a Time in Wonderland” on ABC television.  I am amazed by all the talent in this town.
A woman with diamond-studded wing-tipped glasses told me that my front car tire was sagging.  I went to Les Schwab immediately after the knit–it turns out almost all my tires were operating at about a third of their air.  So I spent the rest of the morning eating complimentary popcorn, marveling at the shiny wax floors in the waiting room, and flipping through a magazine extolling the wonders of Bellingham.  It was exactly what I needed…I woke up feeling a bit frayed at the edges today, flagellating myself with an interminable to-do list, and that illusion that I have to get everything done NOW, or the sky might fall on my head.

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