mathematics, followed by dessert

“I’m miling you,” the lady said through her car window while two collies barked from the back seat.  “Point two miles,” she said.  My knit line is .2 miles long, according to her reading.  She put her hands together, bowed and said, “Thank you.”  (I found that simple gesture profoundly moving.)  Her pronouncement means I’m almost halfway to my destination.  (Total distance down to the ocean is .4 miles and 400 feet according to google maps).  That was a bit depressing, because I thought I was halfway there a month ago when I reached 14th Street!  An artist should never attempt math.  The good news is that the support for this project continues to grow, and my web of relationships continues to expand in wonderful ways.  If the project takes another summer, that might not be such a bad thing.  More math: a skinny hour of knitting yesterday, I only put in 40 minutes…

And now for refreshment: The Butterfly Circus.  This film made me weep today, it was so magnificent visually and thematically!  I resonated so deeply with the theme of practicing resurrection, seeing the other and myself with fresh eyes.  A must see.

By the way, thanks for all the “likes” lately!  I’ve been blown away by your generosity.  Have a gorgeous weekend!


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