Yellow Raincoat

Have you ever knit in the rain?  The yarn sticks to your fingers, and slips off the needles without warning.  I dropped two stitches today, but picked them back up.  Sitting in a raincoat, the folds at my waist directed a stream of water right down through the front opening, drenching my thighs.  Time to get rain pants.  To think that last year, I sat in the rain without any rain gear.  Sarah was walking home, and followed the line up the hill to see me.  She just finished the stream conservancy job for the year.  I enjoyed hearing about their last work assignment in which they tore apart two derelict fishing boats in the bay at Lopez Island…The rain and the spicy smell of a log fire in J. and C.’s woodstove announced the arrival of autumn.

Reflection in the Back of a Subaru

A lady called out to me, “You’ve lost your dog!”  She was referring to the long blue knit line which looks a lot like a leash!  She asked me if I’ve seen “Like Water for Chocolate,” and I could finally say yes, I have.  Someone else told me that when I’m done knitting to the ocean, I will have the world’s largest skipping rope.

september 22 family

This sweet family stopped to chat, then took off down the hill to see how far the line went.

Slug crossing…

Up and Over

september 22 leaf gift

I wonder if the family left this leaf for me on the end of the line?


The major challenge today was winding the line back up.  The rain-soaked line felt at least twice its normal weight!  I took the wheelbarrow down the hill with me to carry the extra weight.  Winding up the line took 3 times longer than usual, around 35 minutes.  I may have to compromise my aesthetics and get one of those ugly garden hose reels.  Stopped and chatted with M. for a few minutes…he might collaborate with me on an installation at a local park!  He’s sort of a mad scientist…art for art’s sake, all the way.  He turned his property on Lummi Island into a sculpture park full of kinetic sculptures, some of which are sonic. 22 wheelbarrow 2


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