I’m not dead yet, I can still knit!

B. with matching poodle

At the end of my knit in the rain, this lady walked up to me wearing a striped hat that matched her poodle’s sweater.  She asked if she could take a photo of her dog by the knit ball.  This kind of absurd cuteness makes my world go round–and it made the whole ordeal of knitting in the rain with a head cold and sprained neck worthwhile!  Yep, I pulled a muscle in my neck yesterday while lifting the waterlogged ball of line, the kind of neck sprain that makes you turn your whole body to check your blind spots while driving.  Really awkward in a seatbelt.  (In short, I’m a bit of a wreck.)  So, I decided to be gentle with myself and only unwind the line across one street instead of all the way down 3 blocks.  (You’d think I was climbing Mount Everest.)  I told my mentor about my tight neck muscles and all-over-aching and she told me to consider getting a 30 minute massage.  I said that’s all I can think about too, but I feel so guilty about it.  She said, “You’re NOT eating a whole cake, or stealing government documents.  You’re just getting a $35 massage.”  This put it in a whole new light…it may become my new monthly tradition.

H. sent me an email collage with these titles…

Sometimes we think…

that we…


doing something

doing something.

Happy Autumn everyone!  Here’s to soups and hot drinks and cozy slippers…

And the occasional massage.

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