candy, then cookie


This is Julie Hopson of England who held the world record for “largest knitting needles in the world” in 2006. 

All morning I thought it was Friday.  (It’s actually Thursday, in case you were wondering!)  Candy came by the knitting bench with 3 Shelty dogs.  She introduced me to her newest trainee, Sophie, a puppy who is replacing the one she just sold.  I asked Candy how much the people paid her, and she said just enough to cover her costs.  “Oh Candy!” was all I could say…She said they needed the dog, because their last one just passed away.  Candy has a tough exterior, and a melt-in-your-mouth heart.  She used to invite homeless people to stay with her, but her neighbors felt threatened by their presence in this upscale neighborhood.  She realized loving your neighbor is more complicated than you’d think, and decided not to invite the homeless over out of respect for the people who lived next door.  Now she’s throwing an art show October 12 at St. James Church, and donating half of the proceeds to the homeless.  Some people never give up!  (Show info:

A woman named Cookie stopped and took my picture today for possible inclusion in  Churchmouse Yarn and Tea‘s newsletter.  She just moved here from Bainbridge Island, and her husband told her about me.  I enjoy this project so much because it gets me out of my ghetto, and brings me into contact with athletes, retirees, cancer survivors, soccer moms, kids, pilgrims, gardeners…the list could go on and on.

I hope to get a spool and crank for the knit line soon.  I miss the process of unwinding the knit line down the hill.  Each block offers the possibility of multiple encounters, human or otherwise.  And it is so delicious to document these experiences with my camera…


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