Candy’s dogs would not hold still for their portrait except the new trainee, Sophie, who is trying very hard to be obedient.  I love the blurred effect in the grey dog’s face like a portrait by Francis Bacon…

Candy came by the knitting bench today with her pack of dogs.  I laughed when I saw three neon leashes hanging from Candy’s neck.  “Don’t you know about the off-leash law?” an irritated man once asked her, to which Candy replied, “The off-leash law is for dogs, not puppies.  I’m the only dog.  they’re all puppies.”  The man cracked up and didn’t bother her anymore…

Rain freckled shoes and knit line

It was raining today when I sat down to knit.  I’ve exchanged quick hello’s with an older stocky man several times.  Today he said, “Knitting in the rain, now that’s dedication.”  Later, the Urban Hiker came by and asked me how I was doing.  “I’m dry!” I crowed with delight, and showed off my new rain pants.  I congratulated the Urban Hiker for walking despite the rain, and told him he was dedicated.  He smiled brightly and said, “Thank you!”  I don’t remember ever seeing him smile before.  I thought about the ripple effect.  What if the Urban Hiker told someone else that she was dedicated, and the compliment was passed along several more exchanges, brightening each person’s day along its circuitous path?september 27 rain and line


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