bodies of light

Here we go loop de loo!  The only kind of knots I’m interested in…

Lots of rain fell on me during my knit today!  Chuck, the mailman, came by and we both enjoyed a 3 minute sun break.  Several women were out jogging in soggy T-shirt and slacks–I was impressed by their dedication.  The yarn got tangled around the knit line, and I thought about how artwork mirrors the mind…Resentment can so easily tangle me up, or as the Big Book of AA puts it “block the sunlight of the Spirit.”  I wasted so many years in resentment and unforgiveness, I just can’t afford to luxuriate in its sticky, cotton-candy sweetness!  Last night I dreamt the phrase, “bodies of light.”  And I believe that’s what I’m called to–to be filled with light, utterly transparent and transformed into Light.  And resentment and all the other negative emotions when given too much energy, act like shutters, or, to mix metaphors, giant hair balls in the drain.  Thank you, knitting meditation, for giving my mind an hour to untangle yesterday’s knots…and thank you friends for your support through my struggle.  I knocked on my neighbor’s door and rang the doorbell but he didn’t answer.  I will keep trying…

I’m thrilled by my new camera’s ability to capture detail and color!  Kalloo kallay!


Red lines made by strawberry runners in my neighbor’s backyard.

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