the world is my living room

“The Reader” by Jennifer Zwick

Today’s knit was calm and soothing.  I enjoyed the sunshine, although I was still grateful for my fingerless gloves.  A woman with a short bob came by, and told me that she wasn’t the only one that was intrigued with the knit line…she saw a cat peering out of the bushes at it too.  Candy walked by shepherding her three Shelties.  On my drive home, I saw the Urban Hiker wearing his neon orange cap, crossing the street in front of the Co-op.

stock photo from cleaning website

One of the things I love about knitting at a public bench is the blurring of boundaries between interior and exterior, public and private space.  It’s funny, surreal, and surprising to the innocent passerby.  The world as my living room…Maybe someday I will bring a lampstand, a rug, a blanket and cushions to really push the idea to the foregront.  For now, I’m enjoying the subtlety of the current parameters.  Here are some staged photographs by artists who have played with these boundaries in their work…


photograph by Gregory Crewdson

Happy Autumn everyone!

“The Explorers” by Jennifer Zwick, a young Seattle-based artist


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