in search of a hose reel

In just two weeks, I have gone from thinking that a hose reel was a lively Scottish-Highland dance performed in tights, to a knowledgeable consumer of garden hose reels.  Who knew that a whole world awaited me in hose reel land?  After work, I drove along Yew Street out into a part of town that never existed to me before–South Samish Way.  It was raining and there were no speed limit signs.  (Bad combination for me).  All along the way, I was marveling at the unexpected twists and turns in the process of making a work of art.  The initial naive and blurry vision of work that crystalizes into something unimaginably richer and weirder than I could ever have imagined.  I had to call Rich, the owner of the hose reel, 3 times before I found his house on Raptor Lane.  It turns out I had the address wrong…

Marcel Duchamp would have picked this one…

Goopy Lace, makes me gag.

My favorite for sleek design and portability at $179.00. Who spends that kind of money on a hose reel?

I was not thrilled with the aesthetics of Rich’s hose reel…It’s made of thick plastic like the ugly stuff used to make cheap playground equipment.  However, it was $15 as opposed to the fancy ones that I like online for $150 – $300.

This is a similar model to the one I purchased today…My one hope is that my brother will trade his nice metal hose reel for my tacky plastic one…

I drove to the knitting bench, but didn’t mess with hooking up the hose reel because I only had 40 minutes left to knit.  Betsy came by carrying her beautiful driftwood cane instead of leaning upon it.  The image stuck in my brain…what am I depending on that I don’t need anymore?  The approval of others is one thing that I am struggling to let go, even though I know I will walk so much straighter without it.  Betsy is the woman who had surgery to remove her cancerous jaw, so now she drools uncontrollably and her words are slurred.  But her eyes and smile are bright.


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