prayer wheel

The hose reel looked better to me today than yesterday. But it’s clear that I will soon need a bigger one!


I couldn’t wait till the end of my knit, to test out the hose reel today.  I had wanted to sit at the top of the hill and wind the line up the lazy way, but the knitting needles and yarn got entangled in the reel.  So I bumped the cart all the way down the hill, almost to 12th St, much to M’s amusement, who was out building a fence and trellis.  Moms were arriving to pick up their kids from school as I wound the line back up the hill, feeling quite ridiculous!  Yes, but the ridiculous is always near to the sublime, as George Bernanos says, and my imagination leaped from one spinning wheel to the next–a Sufi’s enraptured whirl for the Beloved, the fiery, angelic wheels in the book of Revelation, or Tibetan prayer wheels carrying the longings of a devotee to the four winds.  As a human being, I need tangible, physical acts to carry the spiritual…Rituals to connect me to the invisible.  And so, I am content to offer up these 15 minutes of cranking the handle of my hose reel as an act of devotion.

Technicolor trees and blue sky

Also, my friend, (whose comment had offended me), drove by in his orange electric car and gave me a long thumbs up for the hose reel parked by the bench.  Later, he came by with Buster on the leash to chat.  Yes, it was the Philosopher who lets me store my yarn and raingear in his basement.  I asked him about his comment earlier this week, that I must watch too much television…it turns out his rant was not directed at me at all, it just came out that wrong…I had been taking a photo of the wind blowing through his maple tree, and he took it as an opportunity to decry the “hot air” broadcast all day on t.v.  He was very apologetic, and grateful that I asked him for clarification. This is how misunderstandings start, or in this case, end.october 3 bug

One thought on “prayer wheel

  1. Cheryl's Excellent Adventure says:

    I’m proud of you for speaking up to him and getting the mistake cleared up. I see the hose reel works and looks pretty cool, too. I love your photos today. Technicolour and blue sky, love the title. The photo of cars parked on the street-this is actually a lovely shot of colours, the way trees grow, and the cozy urban setting. What a lovely street to walk and live on. It’s so homey.

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