Double Portrait with Harvey and Lion

Sometimes our light goes out but is blown into flame by another human
being.  Each of us owes deepest thanks to those who have rekindled this light. ~Albert Schweitzer

Today, I showed up for my public knit, not knowing what to expect except that Harvey had emailed to say that he was planning to shoot some video footage of this knit to the sea.   Thankfully, he was running late, and I got a few minutes to breathe and center myself having just gotten off an overnight shift.  The day was cool and overcast but not raining.  I’ve been knitting daily since July 1st this year, and I’m tired.  So, it was a great encouragement when Harvey showed up, eager to carry the hose reel down the hill and help unwind the line.  His excitement about the project rekindled my own flagging spirits, and his questions revealed a depth of perception: “What is the relationship between art and spirituality?”  I’ve been pondering that question for years, and it’s too big to put into 25 words or less.  Later he said, “It’s as if you’re making a sidewalk rosary.”  The neighborhood felt alive today–suddenly my bench was surrounded by a flash mob of  women joggers, posing, smiling and making quips like “she’s a knitting fool!”  Then Jeni pulled up in her truck and handed me a 1 pound skein of Carron’s ocean blue yarn for my project.  I swear, I did not bribe these people!  A man called out as we wound the line up the hill, “It looks like time to call Homeland Security!”  And, at the end, a small boy named Ty was telling me all about the joy of making skid marks with his bicycle on the sidewalk.  Leaning into the skid, a vivid metaphor for the creative process…


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